Welcome to Maker 1-to-1 hosted by me, Micah Iverson 🦊. I am a maker who likes to design and build small startups. I enjoy being part of the maker community and strive to meet and learn about other Indie Makers.

I created Maker 1-to-1 as a way to connect with Indie Makers in a conversational, micro-interview format, there is more to learn about a maker than only the things they make.

If you are an Indie maker and wish to do a 1-2-1 with me, please send me a DM onΒ Twitter.

Also, take a moment and view my other projects over on Sunshine Social... β˜€οΈΒ https://sunshine.social/micahiverson

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Indie Maker 1-to-1s, where we talk with Indie Makers and swap stories.


I build small startups, view them on Sunshine... β˜€οΈ https://t.co/iASNBRvCQl #indiemaker #makermillion